Frequently Asked Questions About Adopting


What is your adoption radius?

We do not have a set adoption radius, however, we do ask that our adoptive families be able to travel to Antigonish, Nova Scotia to meet and pick up their dog.

Do you do pre-approvals?

We do not, we only process applications when there is a potential furry-match for the applicant.

Can you let me know if a dog comes into care who’s a good match for me?

Unfortunately not. As a busy and volunteer run rescue, we do not have the time or ability to monitor and accommodate individual requests such as these. We encourage those who are interested in a particular kind of dog to monitor our social media and website.


Our adoption fee is $400.00 for adult dogs.

Our adoption fee is $200.00 for senior dogs.

Our adoption fee is $450.00 for puppies under one year of age.

Why do you charge an adoption fee?

Since entering into the care of Coastal K9 Rescue Society, our dogs have been seen by a veterinarian. They are up-to-date on vaccinations, have received flea and de-worming treatments, and have been spayed or neutered. They are also micro-chipped and come with a free 30 day trial of pet insurance courtesy of 24PetWatch. The adoption fee helps to offset these expenses, as well as non-vetting expenses, so the rescue can continue to operate! As a non-profit organization, every penny collected from adoption fees goes directly back to the rescue and saving more dogs.


What is the application process?

Dogs can be applied for once they are officially posted on our website or on our Facebook page. Once they have been posted, you can go to our website and fill out an application at Available dogs can be found on the “Adopt” website or in the in the "Available Dogs" album on our Facebook. We would recommend applying for newly available dogs as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Once applications for a given dog have been received, our adoption team will review them and select the best fit for the particular dog. The selected applicant will be contacted for a screen call with an adoption team representative, and if the screening goes well, for a meet and greet with the dog. Depending on the volume of applications received, and the work load of the adoption team, generally this process takes about a week. Applicants who are not selected will be notified over email and are encouraged to continue searching for their furry-match. If you have submitted an application and have not heard back from us within a week please follow up by emailing

If you previously submitted an application but weren’t selected for the particular dog you applied for and another dog of ours piques your interest, you need only send us an expression of interest to Please include your name and the email address used to submit your first application.

How are applicants selected for adoption?

Application selection is made based on suitability of the applicants for the dogs’ personality, temperament and behaviour.  While we may give preference to applications submitted earlier, generally we do not select applicants on a first come first serve basis. We believe that operating in this way does not prioritize the needs and well-being of the dog.

While we infinitely appreciate the time, effort, and care that goes in to applying to adopt a dog, we ask that all applicants respect the decisions of our adoption team. They are made with the best interest of both the dog and the applicants in mind!

If your application is not selected it does not mean there is a problem with it. We encourage you to continue searching for your furry-match and would love to be a part of that search with you!


What kind of dogs do you have?

We assist dogs in distress without regard to age, breed or ease of placement, therefore we have a variety of dogs in foster care at any given time! We are unable to predict what kinds of dogs we will be receiving into foster care, so we encourage those who are interested in a particular kind of dog to monitor our social media and website.

Can I meet the dogs?

We do not allow visits to the dogs in our care unless an adoption application has been submitted and the applicants have been approved to adopt the particular dog they would like to meet. As a volunteer run and foster based rescue, our team members and foster families simply could not accommodate the amount of requests we get to meet the dogs in care.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fostering


What is your foster radius?

We do not have a set foster radius, however, we do prefer that our foster families be within an forty-five minute drive of Antigonish or be willing to transport their foster dog to Antigonish for vet and adoption visits.

What are my responsibilities as a foster parent?

As a foster parent, you are responsible for assuming basic care and providing enrichment and love. Basic care includes, but is not limited to: providing food, water, adequate exercise potty breaks, and a safe and nurturing living environment.

Do I have any financial responsibilities?

No. The rescue assumes all financial responsibility, including food, supplies, and vet care. We also provide all of the necessary supplies, although you are welcome to purchase additional treats and toys at your own expense!

How long will I have a foster dog?

The length of stay of any given dog in foster care depends on the dog. Most dogs are in their foster homes for between 2-4 weeks. This length fluctuates depending on the size, age, breed, temperament, and vetting of the dog.

Can I adopt my foster dog?

Yes, if you are in a financial and situational position to provide a suitable forever home for the dog. Students must receive and provide proof of parental approval of the adoption. Once the dog is listed and networked as adoptable to the public, the foster family may not adopt them.

Can I choose what type of dog I foster?

Yes, to a certain extent, such as in regards to age, size, energy level, and temperament. However, we are unable to accommodate choices based solely on appearance. Placements will be made based on the compatibility of dog and family!

How frequently will I be fostering a dog?

Although we do prefer foster families who are committed and able to foster regularly, we certainly welcome and can accommodate those who cannot foster regularly! Many of our fosters are students and we work with their schedule regarding vacations and exams. You only have to foster as frequently as you are comfortable with or would like to!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Surrendering

I need to rehome my dog, can you help?

We evaluate requests to surrender on a case by case basis, therefore, we ask that you submit a surrender form at: so that we are better able to determine if we have the resources to accept the dog into foster care and assist with rehoming.

What is the surrender process?

Once a surrender form has been received, our team reviews the form in order to make an initial assessment of the dog and if we are able to assist. Once the initial assessment has been made, a team member will reach out to you over the phone in order to get a more in depth understanding of the dog, and if possible, the circumstances and the urgency of the situation.

With this additional information and deeper understanding, we will determine if we are able to assist. If so, our team will look for a suitable foster home to care for the dog while we search for a new home. As a foster-based rescue, we do not have a shelter, and all dogs in our care reside in a home environment with our foster families.

Once a suitable foster home has been found, transport to the rescue will need to be arranged. Ideally, you will be able to transport the dog to us in Antigonish yourself, however, we understand if this is not possible and can find a volunteer to transport the dog. Once the dog is in our care we will perform a final in-person assessment of the dog’s behaviour and make a final determination if we are able to assist. If we are, we accept the dog into foster care and officially assume ownership and responsibility of the dog.

While in foster care, the dog will receive any vetting needed. Once the dog is deemed medically and behaviourally ready, they will be posted for adoption to the public. Our adoption process is extremely thorough and ensures the dog ends up in a safe and loving home: going through a rescue is truly the safest way to rehome your dog.

What types of dogs are you able to accept?

We evaluate surrender forms on a case by case basis and assist dogs without regard to age, breed or ease of placement. However, at this time, we are unable to accept aggressive dogs into foster care due to a lack of resources and suitable foster homes. If you are needing to rehome an aggressive dog, we would be happy to direct you to resources and potential rescues who can help.

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